I’ve been a GoldMine CRM Consultant since 1998…

Which is, I suppose, a fancy way of saying I’ve been helping business owners, sales and marketing managers, and salespeople make millions of dollars by implementing, supporting, and training on a killer CRM package, GoldMine!

My customershave taught me that initial, and just as importantly, ongoing training is not just desirable but essential to get all the benefits from GoldMine.

There are many many resources for GoldMine support, training, and coaching but until now something has been missing…

A place, where you and your colleagues can go, 24 x 7 x 365 to get trained on basic GoldMine usage, explore advanced features, and learn best practices.  Something to overcome the problems associated with traditional training, namely:

  • Expensive and time consuming training sessions
  • Hard and pricey to get all road warriors in the office
  • Takes time away from selling and other responsibilities

The solution is GoldMineTraining.NET


This isn’t just a CD or DVD that comes in the mail that will quickly become outdated with the next release of GoldMine… These training videos are available online to anyone in your company and are constantly being added to and updated.

What Others Are Saying About GoldMineTraining.NET


My team consists of a diverse group of individuals.  Production managers, sales people, engineers and accountants to name a few.  With the Goldmine Training videos, my people can get what they need for training when they need it.  We have found that the videos have raised the effective use of Goldmine tremendously in a few short months. The online videos have been a highly effective training tool – a very cost effective solution.

Andy Kveps P.Eng.
Triac Engineering Ltd.

GoldMineTraining.NET is an terrific training tool. I can refer to it when ever I want and the comprehensive instruction, as well as the tips, and best practices have proved to be invaluable. Thanks Chad!

Ruth Gatling
Phoenix Initiatives

Let’s be candid, this is all about putting GoldMine to work for your business.  Putting  GoldMine to work for your business means increasing your sales, marketing, and customer service effectiveness and efficiency.  Your sales and marketing effectiveness and efficiency is a big part of your bottom line, yes I guess it does come down to money!

  • Your team will not let a single lead or prospect fall through the cracks.  Your sales staff will have an understanding of GoldMine that enables them to find and create records, schedule and complete activities, forecast sales, and create opportunities.
  • Sales staff will be able to make the most of their limited and valuable time.  Your sales people can create filters to find all customers and/or prospects in a geographic region when they’re going to be there.
  • Marketing can actually communicate with prospects and customers.  Marketing staff can email and send letters to your entire database or just an important segment.
  • Management knows what’s going on.  Management knows how to monitor all these activities.
  • GoldMine will work for you!  Your GoldMine administrator can customize your GoldMine to meet all these objectives.

This means, that if, you have multiple roles you can do all of the above. is for you!

Over 60 GoldMine training videos are already available, and additional are added on a monthly basis.  And, Of course, you’ll get an email notification whenever a new video is released so you’ll know to check it out.

Each video is recorded twice… Once for GoldMine Standard/Corporate and once for GoldMine Premium Edition.  Here’s a link to the Complete Video List.

By joining GoldMineTraining.Net you and all your colleagues will have access to the entire collection.

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If these videos don’t help you increase your GoldMine Productivity by at least 110% I’ll refund  100% of your subscription, No Questions Asked!

Option 1: $27.00/Month  (Cancel anytime)
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Option 2: $162/Year

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Option 3: $99/3-Month Access
(Non-Recurring – No PayPal Account Required)


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